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Females Who Inspire Us: Hailee Heironimus of The Naked Pantry Co.

I (Megan) had the distinct privilege of meeting the amazing Hailee and getting a one-on-one tour of The Naked Pantry Co. bus just before Thanksgiving after connecting through Instagram initially. So, without further adieu, let's give Hailee a warm welcome!  Hailee is the brain trust behind The Naked Pantry Co. She's a super mom of four and a forward-thinking entrepreneur. She sought to bring change to her community to benefit not only the health of her own family, but the health of yours too! Hailee learned about the coined “zero-waste” movement earlier in 2021; this resonated so deeply with her, she went on the hunt for a place to shop so she too could lead a more sustainable and healthier...

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Feature Friday-Females Who Inspire Us: Rhowena Adolfo Patel

This Friday, the a|dash team is honored to present Rhowena Adolfo Patel as one of the countless, empowered females that inspires us. Rhowena is an entrepreneur through and through, coming from a family of business owners. She is making a huge impact on women's health and childbirth through her brand, Healing Mama Co. Not only is Rhowena making her mark in the women's health space, but she also has significant insights into motherhood, family and education. Without further adieu, let's hear from Rhowena herself! Rhowena Adolfo Patel is the CEO and Founder of Healing Mama Co. which was born out of her experience as a first-time mom. She has backpacked through 58 countries, and 7 of those were with an infant!...

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The Ultimate Guide to Ashwagandha - 5 Things You Didn't Know About Our Favorite Super Herb

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably heard of the super herb commonly known as Ashwagandha or you're at least curious about this strange sounding super herb. In the wellness space, many people know that Ashwagandha is an amazing health aid to decrease anxiety. However, the adaptogen has a complex and fascinating history and a wide variety of uses that you don’t often hear about. At a|dash, we can’t sing Ashwagandha's praises high enough. As a matter of fact, we love Ashwagandha so much that we infuse our cold brews with it to make the herb and its benefits accessible to y’all! Here 5 things you might not know about our favorite adaptogen, Ashwagandha...

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