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Top 10 Benefits of Coffee: Experience That Kick of Caffeine -- Without the Crash!

We’ve all probably experienced the dreaded caffeine jitters. You know the feeling - you wake up for work or class and start the day with a cup of coffee to give yourself an early morning pick me up. Instead of feeling energized and refreshed, your heart feels like it’s beating out of your chest, your eyelids start twitching, and you feel completely restless. The jittery feeling you sometimes get from consuming too much coffee, or any beverage that contains caffeine, comes from caffeine’s stimulant properties. a|dash was created, in part, so that coffee and tea lovers can avoid the caffeine jitters, enjoy the numerous benefits associated with coffee, and feel revitalized and calm while still getting that daily fix of...

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Feature Friday-Females Who Inspire Us: Jen Du

I (Megan) first met Jen Du when we were both living in a suburb of Seoul, South Korea in 2010 and we became fast friends. Jen Du is what you call a fierce founder. She single handedly built her line of alcohol detox shots, Bibi Beverages, from crowdfunding campaign, to online sales, to this year... distribution in over 25 states! Jen is the only female founder in her category and is disrupting the alcohol and beverage space by offering unique solutions for health conscious drinkers: from festival recovery to flush prevention. Jen approaches life with boldness, determination, and a unique gusto and joie de vivre! Whether it's hiking through the wilderness, building camps at Burning Man, climbing skyscrapers (literally), or...

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Feature Friday-Females Who Inspire Us: Jennifer Norman

Jennifer Norman is one of those people who just radiate positivity. Despite being dealt a difficult hand on more than one occassion, she has found a way to continue to serve others, and also to serve her own wellness. She is a true inspiration to our and we can't wait to see her business succeed. Without further adieu, please give it up for this shiny, happy woman!  I’m a Korean-American adoptee who was raised in New York, and I presently live in LA. I recently founded The Human Beauty Movement to open up the conversation about radical inclusivity, wellness, and sustainability in the beauty industry and beyond. I’m also an author and publisher of SuperCaptainBraveMan children’s books – they help...

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