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Top 10 Benefits of Coffee: Experience That Kick of Caffeine -- Without the Crash!

We’ve all probably experienced the dreaded caffeine jitters. You know the feeling - you wake up for work or class and start the day with a cup of coffee to give yourself an early morning pick me up. Instead of feeling energized and refreshed, your heart feels like it’s beating out of your chest, your eyelids start twitching, and you feel completely restless. The jittery feeling you sometimes get from consuming too much coffee, or any beverage that contains caffeine, comes from caffeine’s stimulant properties. a|dash was created, in part, so that coffee and tea lovers can avoid the caffeine jitters, enjoy the numerous benefits associated with coffee, and feel revitalized and calm while still getting that daily fix of...

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Feature Friday-Females Who Inspire Us: Erika Lepczyk

Erika Lepczyk is an optimistic and inspired woman on a mission. She embraces a celebratory stance on life and enthusiastically applauds both her big and small wins. She is truly an inspiration to our team at a|dash and we cannot wait for you to hear about Erika, who influences her, advice she adheres to, her wellness routine, her entrepreneurial journey and more! Her product Memore is one of the most beautiful things to arrive at our doorstep in quite some time and it tastes just as delightful as it looks. Without further adieu, let's give a warm a|dash welcome to Erika!

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