Our Story

The Full Dash
We are Kelly Broderick Lamie and Megan Broderick. We are sisters originally from the suburbs of Chicago, IL who now call Nashville, TN and Charleston, SC + Wanaka, New Zealand home.  
Our story starts in 2017 after Kelly had her son. She experienced extreme postpartum anxiety, depression and hormonal imbalance. For nearly a year, she struggled with this despite trying the traditional medicine route. Finally, she saw a functional practitioner who incorporated adaptogens into her wellness routine. Within 6 months, she experienced drastic improvements in not only her labs, but her quality of life; just shy of her son's second birthday, she was back to feeling like her previous self. 
After a work promotion led to an interstate move and a lot of time traveling, she found it very difficult to keep up with her adaptogen routine, despite her commitment to it. Quite frankly, she was tired of bringing baggies of pills and powder trying to mix adaptogens them into her cold brew coffee before heading into important meetings, spilling them and causing herself stress. Then one day, BAZINGA, it hit her. "What if my cold brew had these adaptogenic benefits already built in? What if I don't have to load up my front seat with pills and powders?!?" That is when the idea for a|dash was born; the concept was refined over many hikes around NZ during Kelly's January 2020 trip to visit Megan, her sister, and now co-founder. 
Kelly returned to the States and hit the ground running. While initially in a consulting only role due to being in New Zealand, eventually the stars aligned in February 2021 for Megan to come on board in a greater capacity. 
a|dash officially launched on April 14th,  2021 as a wellness brand that delivers a daily dash of adaptogens through organic cold brew coffee.
We'll help y'all simplify and elevate your wellness routine through your daily coffee ritual. 
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