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Feature Friday-Females Who Inspire Us: Lori and Kirsten Schmidtke

This Friday, a|dash is thrilled to introduce y'all to mother-daughter duo, Lori and Kirsten Schmidtke! This pair blew us away with their creativity, drive, and passion. Their unique, fashionable jewelry brand is designed to give wearers a sense of self-identity. While crafting their jewelry, Lori and Kirsten hold themselves to standards of sustainability to make the world a great place for the innovators of the future. With Klas squared, the pair combines elegance and sustainability...what more could you ask for? Anyways, that's enough from us! Let's hand the reigns over to Lori and Kirsten for a peek into their motivations, inspirations, and more!

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These 4 Adaptogens Will Help You Feel Stress Free, Energized, and Healthy

Life gets crazy sometimes; work and class deadlines start creeping up, you’ve just had a fight with your partner, you have what seems like a million extracurriculars for the kiddos, and to top it all off, your check engine light has just come on again. Stress keeps building until it overwhelms. Good news for you, adaptogens are here to ensure your personal “check engine light” stays off,  helping manage stress in a healthy, clean, natural way. While it may sound too good to be true, they’ve been a staple in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. As our friends at Droplet like to say, adaptogens are “the new (but old) way to deal with stress.” We’re here to...

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Feature Friday-Females Who Inspire Us: Whitney Stuart

This Friday, we are absolutely ecstatic to share a little bit about a woman whose perseverance, strength and wisdom know no bounds. The woman in question is Whitney Stuart from Whitness Nutrition! Throughout her journey, Whitney overcame various, taxing trials to become an influential figure in the dietician and nutritionist spaces. If you are wondering how Whitney became such an amazing, inspirational woman, look no further! Today, Whitney will give you all a glimpse into who her role models are, her favorite affirmations and more. Without further adieu, let's give Whitney a warm, a|dash welcome!

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Top 10 Benefits of Coffee: Experience That Kick of Caffeine -- Without the Crash!

We’ve all probably experienced the dreaded caffeine jitters. You know the feeling - you wake up for work or class and start the day with a cup of coffee to give yourself an early morning pick me up. Instead of feeling energized and refreshed, your heart feels like it’s beating out of your chest, your eyelids start twitching, and you feel completely restless. The jittery feeling you sometimes get from consuming too much coffee, or any beverage that contains caffeine, comes from caffeine’s stimulant properties. a|dash was created, in part, so that coffee and tea lovers can avoid the caffeine jitters, enjoy the numerous benefits associated with coffee, and feel revitalized and calm while still getting that daily fix of...

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Feature Friday-Females Who Inspire Us: Jamessina Hille

This week, we are so excited to introduce Jamessina Hille as one of the many females that inspire us. A true go-getter that does not let anything stand in her way, she is a corporate woman, loving mother and wife, and expert on leading a healthy lifestyle. Jamessina is walking proof that you can be all these things at once. She is most certainly a role model for us, and for this reason, we are ecstatic for you all to hear her story. Without further adieu, let's hear from Jamessina! Jamessina was born and raised in New York before re-rooting her family of four to Charleston, SC in 2015. A mother of two, passionate marketer and revenue center creator, Jamessina has embarked on...

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