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Holly Fisher, one of the many female entrepreneurs that inspire us, is the kind of woman who does not let misfortune deter her from her goals. After experiencing the effects of the 2008 financial crisis, Holly persevered, started a new career path, and now successfully owns and operates Fisher Creative. While being both an entrepreneur and a mother, Fisher still finds time to adhere to her wellness routine and reflect on the wisdom she has learned over the years. Holly  is truly an amazing, inspirational woman and we cannot wait for y'all to hear from her! 
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Many people struggle to write clear, compelling marketing copy. As the owner of Fisher Creative, Holly Fisher takes that burden off business owners by crafting copy that cuts through the noise and helps them reach more potential customers. A StoryBrand Certified Guide, she’s helped dozens of organizations create a clear message and develop an effective sales funnel that generates more leads and boosts their bottom line.
A former full-time newspaper reporter, Holly started her own business in November 2011. She has a journalism degree from Ohio University and a master of mass communication from the University of South Carolina. In 2019, Holly was named the Marketer of the Year by the Charleston chapter of the American Marketing Association. Holly lives in Mount Pleasant with her husband and teenage daughter. In her spare time, you’ll find her doing CrossFit, reading or driving her Dodge Challenger around town.
Who are some women who inspire you daily, personally or professionally?
As a whole, I’m inspired by women who are both entrepreneurs and moms. Independently, those roles can be a lot to handle. But when you combine them, it can become a real juggling act. It’s inspiring to see so many women who are pursuing a dream to own a business while being the best mamas they can. 
Who have been the most influential women in your life, in becoming the person you are today, helping you discover and pursue your passions?
I give credit to my mom and my grandma – both of whom encouraged me in every way as I was growing up and beginning to strike out on my own. Amazing friends deserve a lot of thanks for being part of my journey and helping me determine my next steps.
If you could sit between any two women on an international (long haul) flight, who would it be? Why? 
Wow, that’s a tough one! There are so many amazing women I could name. I’ll say Candace Cameron Bure because I’m certain we’d be BFFs if we met. I really respect how open she is about her faith. I think we have a lot in common, and I’d love to meet her. Second, I’ll say Dolly Parton because I think she would be hilarious, insightful and inspiring. If I could be in the middle seat with those ladies, I’m pretty sure the flight wouldn’t be long enough!
What is your favorite affirmation to share with women? 
One thing I remind myself of almost daily is that I need to keep my priorities in the right order: God, family, work. I hope I’m affirming that for other women as well. 
Is there anything that you wish/hope will be different for girls growing up than it was for you? 
I would love to see our culture put a focus on real health and wellness. Let’s stop talking about “diets” and instead teach girls how to be strong, fit and healthy. Put them in a weightlifting class. Teach them how to do pullups. Help them find an exercise activity they love. Encourage them to eat actual meals consisting of lean proteins, good fats and healthy carbs. Eating well and being physically active really are the keys to good health. I wish I had learned those lessons 20 years earlier. 
What has been your proudest moment personally or professionally? 
That’s a tough one! I can think of so many moments – big and small. In 1998, I moved from Ohio to Texas to take my first full-time newspaper job. It was scary to move from all my family and friends to a place where I didn’t know a soul. But taking that step really shaped me personally and professionally. I ended up with a great job where I honed by craft thanks to incredible co-workers and mentors. I made wonderful friends. I met and married my husband there. It showed me I could be independent, take a leap and do hard things. That one decision paved the way for so many other wonderful things in my life.
What has been your most challenging moment personally or professional and how did you overcome that challenge? 
The year 2008 brought some tough times as I struggled with postpartum depression after the birth of my daughter early that year. Then, that fall, I was laid off from my job. It was a hard season. I’m grateful I was finally able to get treatment for my PPD. The job layoff was incredibly difficult, but it also opened doors and took me down a path of entrepreneurship I might not have otherwise pursued. 
What does wellness mean to you? And why is it important to you and your family? 
I was never an athlete. As I child, I hated gym class. I didn’t learn healthy eating habits. As a young adult, I knew health and fitness were important, but I could never quite figure out how to incorporate them successfully in my life. Then, at age 34, I discovered CrossFit. Something about CrossFit – the workouts, the community – spoke to me. I was hooked. As a I became more active, I began to improve my eating habits. Today, at age 45, I’m in the best shape of my life. As a result, wellness has become one of my core values. I really believe in the power of exercise and eating healthy to ward off chronic illness, boost energy, fight stress and keep you young. 
What does your typical daily wellness routine look like? 
I still love CrossFit! My husband and I have a gym in our garage. We work out at 5:30 a.m. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. On Saturdays, we start our workouts a little later! And I try to squeeze in some active recovery on Thursdays depending on how I’m feeling. Over the last several years, I’ve been making improvements to my diet. A couple years ago, I dialed in my nutrition even more. I’m a firm believer in cooking almost everything I eat, avoiding as much processed and sugar-filled foods as possible and creating meals and snacks that are balanced with good proteins, fats and carbs. Last year I started experimenting with more plant-based recipes and really love adding more veggies into my life. 
What drove you to become an entrepreneur? You are a bit of a serial entrepreneur it seems. Do you have plans/goals for further entrepreneurial endeavors, or do you see Fisher Creative as the culmination of your entrepreneurial journey? 
I really think of myself as an accidental entrepreneur. I started by career as a newspaper reporter and expected to work in journalism for, well, forever. But the recession of 2008-2009 wasn’t kind to the newspaper industry. I was laid off from my job so made a shift into marketing and public relations. At the time it was a decision largely made out of necessity. Then in 2011, I launched Fisher Creative and have grown and changed that business over the last decade. As a StoryBrand Certified Guide, I focus on helping my clients create a super clear marketing message for their organization. Then, I use that messaging to create powerful website copy and a sales funnel so they can grow their business. I genuinely love this work. Hearing from clients about how much they appreciate having a clear message or how many new sales their website is generating is so gratifying. I’m planning to stick with this role for the foreseeable future.
Bonus Question…If your life were a movie, who would play you? Why? 
Julie Bowen because I really resonated with her character Claire Dunphy on “Modern Family. 😊
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    Such an inspiring message! Look at what you can accomplish in life if you keep your priorities in order! Great job Holly Fisher!

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