Feature Friday-Females Who Inspire Us: Jennifer Norman

Jennifer Norman is one of those people who just radiate positivity. Despite being dealt a difficult hand on more than one occassion, she has found a way to continue to serve others, and also to serve her own wellness. She is a true inspiration to our and we can't wait to see her business succeed. Without further adieu, please give it up for this shiny, happy woman! 
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I’m a Korean-American adoptee who was raised in New York, and I presently live in LA. I recently founded The Human Beauty Movement to open up the conversation about radical inclusivity, wellness, and sustainability in the beauty industry and beyond. I’m also an author and publisher of SuperCaptainBraveMan children’s books – they help teach kids about ability diversity, friendship, and inclusivity.
Who are some women who inspire you daily, personally or professionally? 
I’m a big fan of Arianna Huffington, Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, and Stefani Germanotta (aka Lady Gaga). In different ways, these ladies have been able to find their soul purpose and serve others with exceptional grace. While not women, I also have been inspired by the Dalai Lama and Eckart Tolle for spiritual instruction.
Who has been the most influential person in your life, in becoming the person you are today, helping you discover and pursue your passions? 
No question, my son Kyle, who is an incredible boy currently living on life support. He has inspired me to rethink all my priorities in life, to never take for granted good health, and to cherish every moment we’re alive. He helps me understand what love, strength, and beauty really are. He inspires me to never give up and never lose hope.  
Is there anything that you wish/hope will be different for girls growing up today than it was for you? 
Through The Human Beauty Movement, I am endeavoring to help all people discover self-love sooner rather than later. Too often we go through adolescence and even adulthood filled with insecurities and self-doubt, or worse, self-loathing. It takes a real shift in perspective to turn the anxiousness of self-judgment into the excitement of self-acceptance, recognizing that we can pace ourselves to improve a little bit more every day.
What has been your proudest moment personally or professionally? 
I recently launched my very first brand of skincare, Humanist Beauty. I’ve launched hundreds of beauty products and dozens of brands over the course of my career, but Humanist Beauty is the first that I’ve financed, developed, and introduced on my own.
What has been your most challenging moment personally or professionally and how did you overcome that challenge? 
Professionally, I’ve had to part ways with clients or employers over ethics and dysfunctional work environments. I value integrity way too much, and life is just too short to tolerate being treated poorly. I would encourage anyone who finds themselves in a toxic work environment to walk away without a second thought.
 What does wellness mean to you? And why is it important to you and your family?
I wrote a blog post on the 8 dimensions of wellness. To me, wellness is a practice, not a goal or an achievement. It is living life in balance to maintain good physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, social, occupational, environmental, and financial health. 
What does your typical daily wellness routine look like? 
It’s not so much a routine as it is daily living. I incorporate things like getting enough rest, waking up happy and grateful, meditating, yoga, setting limits and boundaries, conserving energy, keto, limiting sugar intake, breathing fresh air, enjoying safe sun, creativite stimulation, keeping commitments, good hygiene, great skincare, not sweating the small stuff, and laughing at just about everything.
What drove you to become an entrepreneur? Do you see The Humanist Beauty Movement as your only entrepreneurial endeavor or do you have plans/goals to be a serial entrepreneur? 
I felt compelled to introduce a better kind of beauty business that put people and the planet first. I founded The Human Beauty Movement to be a B Corporation Certified platform for introducing new concepts, brands, and experiences that are all focused on radical inclusivity, wellness, and sustainability. Humanist Beauty is the first introduction. There will be others of varying types, all in service to the greater good.
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