Feature Friday-Females Who Inspire Us: Jamessina Hille

This week, we are so excited to introduce Jamessina Hille as one of the many females that inspire us. A true go-getter that does not let anything stand in her way, she is a corporate woman, loving mother and wife, and expert on leading a healthy lifestyle. Jamessina is walking proof that you can be all these things at once. She is most certainly a role model for us, and for this reason, we are ecstatic for you all to hear her story. Without further adieu, let's hear from Jamessina!

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Jamessina was born and raised in New York before re-rooting her family of four to Charleston, SC in 2015. A mother of two, passionate marketer and revenue center creator, Jamessina has embarked on a journey of ‘being one’s best self’ for the past decade influencing her career, marketing consulting practice, parenting style, and daily lifestyle choices.
Jamessina is currently the Director of Marketing for Protera, a global cloud management partner and application managed services provider for SAP and surrounding applications. She is responsible for leading the marketing and communications strategy for the SAP and cloud services platform globally.
Jamessina has long had a passion for sports, fitness and wellness- she started her career with the National Football League in the Youth Football Department, was a vegan CrossFitter, completed eight military-style adventure races and is a sprint triathlete. She serves on the board of Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Lowcountry and chairs the marketing committee, as well as is a mentor for the MBA program at the College of Charleston.
Jamessina graduated cum laude from Northeastern University with a B.S. in Business Administration with a dual major in Marketing and Supply Chain Management. In 2015, Jamessina was a recipient of the ‘40 Under 40’ Awards by the Long Island Business News. Jamessina has been a guest speaker at Hofstra University (NY), Bryant University (RI) and the College of Charleston on the topics of entrepreneurship and nonprofit marketing strategy. She resides in Charleston, SC with her husband, Keith, and their children, Richie and Summer.
 Who are some women who inspire you daily, personally or professionally?
 A framed notorious RBG hangs in my office, and is a reminder to build upon each decision to create for the greater good.
 Locally in Charleston, entrepreneurs Helen Hall and Melissa Barker and the CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters, Merridith Crowe, are inspiring in their pursuits to better our health, our businesses, and our communities.
 Who has been the most influential woman in your life, in becoming the person you are today, and helping you discover and pursue your passions?
 Is it cliche to say my mother?
 She raised me, and my brothers, with such love and joy, was a self-proclaimed ‘home engineer’, helped run the family construction business - all while baking cupcakes for school birthdays, whisking us away for weekends, ironing linen napkins for meals, throwing parties in the backyard, and having my grandmothers over for Sunday dinners. How she maneuvered all aspects of her life, and the life of those she loved, has been an inspiration always.
 She supported every business I started from party helpers in fifth grade to handmade lingerie at 27, to walking in the doors of the NFL, and pushed me to be my best in everything I went after. 
 If you could sit between any two women (dead or alive) on an international (long haul) flight, who would it be? Why?
 Ah- both my great grandmother who was a suffragette and a world traveler, and Oprah. I’d want to soak up all their stories, of their youth, their choices, the decisions that led them to become who they are and create what they have. Their ability to overcome circumstances and the advice, learnings and thoughts on then and now.
 What is your favorite affirmation to share with women?
 I am a ‘yes, and woman’ - we can be ‘ all the things’ without feeling guilty, undeserving, or the ache. Yes, I am a corporate woman AND a maternal earth goddess. Be all the things, show up as you wish to be seen, heard, experienced throughout your career, relationships and home life.
 Is there anything that you wish/hope will be different for your daughter growing up than it was for you?
 No. She has everything she needs within her- I was told that growing up and I make sure she knows it too. That both my son and daughter know it, and that they make sure to use their strengths to do good for themselves, then others, their community, and their planet.
 What has been your proudest moment personally or professionally?
 Walking through the doors of the National Football League offices on Park Avenue as a full-time employee, and serving as a Board Member for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Long Island and the Lowcountry.
 What has been your most challenging moment personally or professional and how did you overcome that?
 A male SVP of a former global company I worked for once challenged me as to why I was ‘always seated at the head table’ and it shook me that he questioned the sum of my parts- choosing to only see me one way. I focused thereafter on owning my fierce corporate woman identity, along with my feminine, sensual, maternal goddess identity. Show up, work your ass off, be smart, delegate, adore yourself and your beautiful family, and be all the things you want to be fluidly. 
 What does wellness mean to you? And why is it important to you and your family?
 Mind, body, spirit- and being realistic. This beautiful machine we have each been gifted deserves our utmost attention. Treating ourselves with love, care, and kindness is critical if we are to take care of anything, or anyone, else.
 What does your typical daily wellness routine look like?
 6 am, our cockapoo wakes me up for a long walk daily. I love being the first one up to sip a matcha on the porch, to collect my thoughts and check my schedule for the day. I love when I get a Tracy Anderson or Peloton app workout in, it’s the best jumpstart. My day is filled with meetings, Zoom calls, campaign management, and I love a midday a|dash or Hustle smoothie to keep me moving. Wellness is whatever works for me that day - but a staple is a great night’s sleep when I can get it!
 What drove you to become an entrepreneur? 
 I am an intrepreneur - as a global director of marketing, and revenue center creator- I’ve always treated my department as its own business, with the responsibility for its success. This entrepreneurial spirit I like to think is from a long line of entrepreneurs in my family- from my ancestors in Germany to my parents, all have owned and thrived in their own businesses. While I went corporate- it’s this spirit that I find helps me be most successful.
Bonus Question: If your life was a movie, who would play you? Why?
Reese Witherspoon. She’s bright and effervescent on the outside, but quite complex and serious when it comes down to it. Aside from me having quite a solid NY accent, I think it would be a great fit.
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  • cheryl plante

    As a good standing member of that memoir I applaud you my sweet darling for the brave, innovative and unique use of your talents given to you of this sisterhood. Always my jumping off point…Anna Knoepfle YA YA💃

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